John was consistent

In John 3:27-28 Jesus had begun His ministry and was baptizing people. John the Baptist was also baptizing people, just in a different location…and John’s baptism was different-by his own admission.Some of John’s disciples freaked out because here was this new preacher and “everybody was going to see Him”. John’s first response is very interesting. … Continue reading



Ever notice that it seems Jesus never answered anyone’s questions? Half the time it seems as if He completely ignores what people are saying. Take John chapter 3 for instance. Nicodemus comes and says “we know you are from God because no one can do the things you do unless God is with them.” Ok. … Continue reading



One of the local churches used to have a Saturday night service. When my wife and I were driving yesterday, we saw a group of bikers and thought “They remind us of the ushers from Saturday night.” Sure enough… This guy was the leader. I don’t think I ever heard him speak. He just stood … Continue reading