Go, follow Him.

John the Baptist tells his disciples “Behold, the Lamb of God” at which point the disciples leave John and begin following Jesus. One of those two was Andrew, Peter’s brother.

There are several things I find interesting in this. One is John’s willingness to declare Jesus to his own disciples. No holding on to his “flock”. He knew who he was and who Jesus is. Once again we see John’s ministry is all about directing people to Jesus.

Another thing that crossed my mind is “What if it wasn’t necessarily Jesus?” What I mean here is, not so much a direct relation to John, but to modern day churches and Christians. Are we willing to direct people to ministries that can help them? Provided of course those ministries are of the One, True God. Or are we more concerned with holding on to “our members”?

If we saw Jesus alive and active in another church, ministry, or group, would we be willing to encourage people to go there?

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