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New Management Technique

Today, two of my assistants were out. They weren’t really out, more like they both asked to extend the holiday weekend. They have been really saving my bacon the last few months, so I said “yes”. One of them is part time. Couple that with her desk being a little short on “real estate” and she gets stuck with a 15″ square flat panel. She has hinted for a larger monitor, but when I pushed her on it I got the “No, it’s fine. Don’t bother” line. Fair enough. Budgets are tight.
Well, today with both of them out, that meant I covered the receptionist position this afternoon. It was a good excuse to be at the front desk. With aforementioned 15″ monitor. I tried logging into my desktop with but could not hardly make out the screen. Then I opened our database to work on Financials and it still drove me nuts. Workable, but hardly pleasant. After 15 minutes I went back to my office and got my laptop. It only has a 15.4″ widescreen but the difference was night and day. At least I could see to work. Using the same logmein or direct connections, there was a noticeable increase in my productivity.
I read an article recently how for many people the technology they use all day at work is inferior to what they have at home. I don’t know if that is true, but I do know that I am guilty of “squeaky wheel gets the IT grease”. With this employee being part time, I just didn’t make a new monitor an issue-until I tried to use hers for a half day.
The top of her to-do list tomorrow will be rearranging her workspace to accommodate a new 17″ widescreen.
If you have good employees, the faithful kind that are always putting the company first, sit in their workspace for a half a day sometime. Not just a minute, but a half a day. If you can “work” from Starbucks, you can work from a different office. Is their space pleasant? Efficient? Can a minimal investment make a big difference in productivity and morale?
You probably aren’t overpaying them, so the least you can do is try to remove obstacles.


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