But the servants knew

When Jesus turned the water to wine at the wedding in John 2, no one knew what happened except the servants. Jesus did not come to perform magic tricks. He did not come to impress people with the miracles He could do. In fact, the opposite. When He raised Lazarus, he said “that the people standing by may know You sent Me.” There was no fanfare about the water becoming wine-good wine at that! No one running around “Look what He did! Let’s put out a press release!” But the servants knew.

What do you suppose life was like for the servants? Do you think they were highly respected? Probably not. Probably treated the way we treat those whose jobs we think are more “menial”. The way we may treat the migrant landscapers we run into in the convenience store. But the servants knew what happened. They knew water went in, wine came out. They knew no one would believe them, but there was no denying what they saw. They knew it was no parlor trick. They were probably waiting for Jesus to make a spectacle of Himself, declaring “Look what I did.” But He didn’t.

They knew. At least those who were watching knew. Those who were skeptical, disbelieving, or unmoved probably walked away when the water went in. They missed it. But those who stayed, those who continued to serve they saw it. They saw the miracle.

Don’t give up. Don’t walk away out of skepticism. If Jesus is in it, stay. Even if it seems you are just pouring water into a stone pot and everyone wants wine. He may be about to do something miraculous that only you will see. And maybe no one will believe what you saw, or believe that it was indeed the hand of God that did it. But you will know. And like those servants, you will never forget.

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