Good, bad and Ugly

First the Bad.

Our church got broken into last night. Destroyed some doors, busted off a wall safe that never has cash in it, strewn some checks around. It appears there is no loss, just damage.

The ugly.

Now the Good.

In addition to God protecting us from any serious loss, here is an interesting timeline:
I posted a tweet (twitter) at 8:15 that I was headed to meet the police.
At about 9:30 I posted another one with the inventory.
At 9:35 I got a call from Dean Lisenby at ACS checking to make sure we were all right and if there was anything ACS could do for us. THAT is service! For us to call and say “Help!” is one thing, for a vendor to call and say “I have help if you need it” is another. I met Dean for the first time at the convention two months ago. Way to go ACS. I am sure some of the other CMS vendors would do the same, but now I KNOW that if anything major happens….I have friends.


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