Ever notice that it seems Jesus never answered anyone’s questions? Half the time it seems as if He completely ignores what people are saying. Take John chapter 3 for instance. Nicodemus comes and says “we know you are from God because no one can do the things you do unless God is with them.” Ok. Fair enough. Proper response would be along the lines of “Why, yes I am from God. Thank you for noticing.” Or “No, you are wrong.” Or “What does God have to do with what I am doing?” or SOMETHING along those like that. But that isn’t what Jesus says. Immediately He goes into “unless you are born again, you cannot see the kingdom of God”.
That sort of thing has got to make people twitch. I mean, it’s more than just an off the wall, Christopher Walken, out of left field kind of comment. How do you get from “I know you are from God” to “you must be born again” without some sort of transition?
Jesus didn’t worry about transitions. He also didn’t care much for formalities and useless discussions about theory. Jesus got right to the heart of people. The fact that Nicodemus took the bait tells us that what Jesus said was what was REALLY on Nicodemus’ mind. And isn’t that always the way it is? Doesn’t Jesus really get to the heart of what we need and not necessarily what we think we is important?


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