I want to hire this guy or why I like databases

Wife’s car blew a tire out the other night. Not “picked up a nail” or “got a slow leak in the valve stem” but ripped a hole in the sidewall you could put your fist through. We got the tires four years ago at Costco. So, off I go to get two new ones that will match. When Henry, the mgr finds out we bought them there, he asked if we got the roadhazard. To which I reply “yes”
“Did you bring your receipt?”
“no” (he’s kidding right? They are four years old. Like I think I have anything coming to me at this point.)
He measures the tires and comes to the conclusion that there is not enough “useable tread to give any meaningful discount”. They count it “worn” at 2/32″ left, I had 3/32″. This would give me less than 10% off. So he proceeds to tell me if we can come up with when I bought them and how many miles I had, he may be able to save me money.

See note above that I do not have my receipt.

So this guy starts searching their records by my member name, my member number-turns out there is two-one from Costco and one from Am-Ex, my wife’s name, and I don’t know what else. He can find all the records, but nothing that shows we bought the tires at Costco. Keep in mind, it is Saturday morning. Busy. I gave up and told him to just forget it, I’ll pay for the tires and he can help other people.
No dice. This guy was on it like a coon hound with a fresh scent.
Finally he comes up with it. Turns out, the tires-which they still carry-were originally sold under a different stock number that is now discontinued. He found the original sale and all my information which translated into a 41% discount! Not just on the damaged tire but on both tires.
I bought four.

This whole process took over an hour because I was too lazy to drive 20 minutes each way home to find the original receipt. All the while other people are coming in and Henry was training a new employee. Did I mention it was Saturday?
Any “normal” employee would have said “no receipt, take what you get”. Henry searched the Costco database until he found what he was looking for. He knew it was in there and was not willing to give up for the sake of the customer. Reminded me of a recent message from Andy Stanley called “Taking care of business
Everybody walked away happy.
Amount I originally planned to spend for two tires:$250
Total original ticket for four: $542
Final price: $349 (discount was only on the tires, not mounting, balancing, etc)

Dealing with a company that has data and an employee willing to search it? Priceless

3 thoughts on “I want to hire this guy or why I like databases

  1. Jeff,
    I love the story so please don’t take my comment wrong. Did I mis-read that he got you to spend $100 MORE than you were intending? albeit you got 4 tires, right?


  2. You got it. With 1/32″ of “useable” life left, it was apparent I would be back for two more in 6-9 months based on her driving patterns. I am all about replacing thing on my timetable, before they become a problem. Especially if I can get a big discount. Pay a little more now, or a lot later and not have peace of mind in the meantime.

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