Leadership Summit-Day two

I am going over my notes from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit and I am amazed at how many “sound bites” hit me and made it to the page. I consider myself a “medium note taker”. I like taking notes, it helps me learn. Oftentimes I never refer to them, but the act of writing them down, helps me to remember. Here are a few:

“I learned more working in a soup kitchen then I did as chairman of the United Way” Bill George, CEO of Best Buy

“When I used to walk down the street, people would stop me and say “You are from that church that does that neat Christmas play”. Now they stop me and say “You are from the church that does that AIDS thing. How can I help?”. David Ashcraft, Pastor of LCBC Church, winner of the Courageous Leadership Award. Dean Curry, Life Center, Tacoma Washington. One of the runners up in the Courageous Leadership Award. Thanks to Justin for correcting me. 🙂

“The first thing to disappear when the Spirit departs is laughter” and “If you can work 30 minutes without prayer, maybe it isn’t what God needs to get done.” Gary Haugen, Founder of International Justice Mission www.ijm.org

One of the interesting things in the closing was Bill Hybels saying “You have to trust us when it comes to faculty. I know many of you have never heard of most of the people we had here, but our choices were good. Weren’t they? You have to trust us.” I found this interesting as it seemed to me that attendance was down at the site I was at. I also noticed several people who only stayed to hear the people they were already familiar with. I for one, have never been a fan of Craig Groeschel. Always seemed a bit of a goof to me. Not bad, not a heretic, just a goof. However, after his message, I am willing to give him another try. I re-added him to my Zune podcast feeds. I had never heard of Effrem Smith, but am glad I heard him there!

Looking forward to transcribing my notes so I can refer to them…


One thought on “Leadership Summit-Day two

  1. Your quote from David Ashcraft was mis-quoted. That was actually Dean Curry. The pastor from Washington that said that in his video. The only reason I know that is I am David’s song. Good to read your blog.

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