Church IT

Getting down to the wire

As of today, we finally received our CO (certificate of occupancy) on our new education building. Good thing as the ribbon cutting ceremony is Sunday and the kids show up next week! We still have a few issues to work out and am a little nervous. We have ordered a bunch of cables from Dell to use wall mounted 32″ tvs as secondary monitors. They will certainly be here before class starts, but it would be great if they were here for Sunday.
One of the things the school board wanted was instead of having each child have a laptop, they got two carts, each holds 20 laptops. A teacher will sign out a cart, teach the lesson, and return the cart. When the child logs on, no matter what machine they use, it will automatically link to their folder on the server. This is going to require more set up at the beginning of each year, but if a child drops a laptop, the worst that can happen is the end of a $700 machine. Not all their work for the year.
Speaking of servers, I am having my doubts about that whole “technology shrinking” thing. Sure, it probably has more power than an IBM mainframe, but the cabinet is a BEAST.

The new phone system is up and running. Previously, we had two systems. One for the church (old), one for the schools (relatively new). If we wanted to call someone in the school, we actually had to dial the phone number instead of just the extension.  Imagine that. Punching 10 whole buttons. Plus we couldn’t transfer in case someone dialed the wrong entity. I was skeptical when the sales guy came, and through the whole process, but I must say, he was right. Transferring between departments is a lot easier. Integration, Integration, Integration.

Through all this process, in addition to what is happening with the new school, some much needed updates are happening on the church side. I never want to be leading edge. But bring everything current and hopefully make it play nice. It looks like we might get there.


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