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What is 'normal' battery life?

I had an interesting text exchange with Jason Powell re: the iphone. He is looking at it, I have at least one staff member, possibly two who are candidates. I almost switched when my T-Mobile Dash got wet. However, I read a few posts that talked of less than stellar battery life. Here’s one. Another said the only way they could get to 8 hrs. was to turn off 3G. Seems suspicious from a company like Apple, but I have so far not seen any reports where people say battery life is a non-issue.
All this got me to thinking, what are reasonable expectations in terms of smartphone battery? The trade off is always size and weight. Personally, I plug my Dash in everynight around 10 and unplug it in the morning around 5 or 6. I looked at my bill and I average 850- 1050 minutes of usage a month, and around 300 text messages. I have the wifi on all day so I can access certain network devices at work as well as download email attachments without falling asleep. between personal and work, i view and/or repond to about 20 emails a day through my phone. All this is pretty mild to moderate usage, I guess. I don’t use it for music, but this post is from my phone(edited from home to add links). I’ll add links to Jason and others later(done).
I usually have 2 out of 3 charge bars left at the end of the day.
What do you consider to be reasonable battery life?


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