Back to Costco

A few weeks back I wrote of a very positive experience I had buying tires at Costco. Today my wife and I were drving her car in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series (aka Intersate 95 in Palm Beach County) when the car in front and to the right of us ran over and kicked up what looked like the door to a dryer. Yes, you see all manner of debris on I-95. When it comes to driving, my wife has the reflexes of a cheetah on Red Bull. Unfortunately, this time we still clipped it with the right front wheel. Sidewall slice and flat. During the change one of the wheel studs broke while I was taking the nut off. PSA: Never take lug nuts off when hot. They may stick and the studs are soft and break easily when hot. This was new information for me.
So, we take it back to Costco for the roadhazard replacement. Costco does not replace wheel studs. I told them to replace the tire, call me when it was done and I would take the car to a garage and get it changed. The manager called later and said the car was done, he reiterated that they could not replace the stud, but he would take to the neighboring Goodyear dealer down the street (not really walking distance) who was always fair with him on prices. I said that would be great.
Two hours later the manager from Costco calls again, Goodyear had called him the car was ready.

Recap: When I needed tires, they went through a big hassle to make sure I didn’t spend more than I need to. Then, when I come in with a warranted repair three weeks later, not only do they fix the tire with ZERO hassle, but take their time to drive the car down the street to fix something that is not anywhere NEAR their scope of work. He had to have lost at least a half hour on it. No one asked him, he just offered to take care of my problem. Gotta be a lesson in there somewhere…

Kudos. I will definitely be back there when the truck needs tires.


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