Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Yep, trying this out. I looked at Google Docs what seems like two years ago and decided against it. Much as I like having new stuff-especially free new stuff, the editor just seemed to be too stripped down. Reminded me too much of WordPad. Very few people I knew were using gmail, so sharing docs was not going to happen. The big functionality was a non-issue for me.
When I first looked at Chrome, I thought the same thing. Too basic. But I have now monkeyed around on it for about an hour and I kind of like it. I am even experimenting with Google Docs again. In fact, this very post is on Google docs and should post directly to WordPress.
Things I like so far about Chrome:
1. Being able to pull a tab into its own window. Kind of cool and useful for me.
2. The app launcher. We do our website through ACS Extend. That was my first app shortcut. It worked well. It certainly looks different without the address bar etc at the top. Extend now really does look like an application. The thing I don’t like is that in this mode, there is no “back” button. I use that button a lot.
3. By being somewhat “stripped down” I gain about 3/4″ of real estate at the top. On the Fox News Home Page I get six more lines of headlines from the center section just by gaining all that space at the top back. Less scrolling up and down. Good.
At this time, it doesn’t look like you can turn off the pop-up blocker or allow pop-ups from certain sites. This seems odd as web based apps use pop-ups. I am sure someone will correct me on this.
Other than that, it is kind of cool. It is new. And free. Which is good.

One thought on “Google Chrome

  1. Yea — I’ve been playing with Google’s Chrome browser also . . . I’m liking it a lot but I can’t commit too much because I need cross platform (Linux/Mac/Windows daily use) and I thrive on the Mozilla Weave sync function. (Jump from one computer/os/location to another and still be working with the same bookmarks/etc..)

    Google Docs has been a true blessing though — I can work on articles anywhere, on any computer and have no qualms about “DOH! Forgot to send it to myself”. There simply isn’t any other way to get around that and have it be a simply transparent functionality. It’s not a substitute for a true desktop app, but the gain for me in complete portability is worth the compromises. I can always then take the document and format it when I’m ready to go presentation quality.

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