Oh no, what have I done?

For years we have had a lot of fun at our Sr. Pastors expense. Jokes about Microsoft solitaire, printing out emails for him to read, not allowing him on the network, etc. To be fair, he has had his fears of technology. He’s pretty convinced that one day someone will distill all the “1s” and “0s” down and find out they add up to “666” so it has all been in good fun. He also seems to lose toolbars a lot. They just “go away”. Document autosave is his best friend.

A few months ago, I bit the bullet – showed him Outlook, joined him to the domain, and gave him a username and password into the database (view only). It has worked out pretty well.

Well, two weeks ago we were in a long range planning meeting and he told the elders that “we need to make better use of technology because that is what people expect”. A hush fell about the room.

Today as we were finishing the install on a new server, he asked “is it possible, and how much would it cost, if in all these computers we are buying to make it so if the air conditioner in the sanctuary was broken, it would alert somebody?” He doesn’t know how it would work, he just hates the idea of having to call someone because he hates to “bother” people. (I don’t know if our EM system will do that.)

Which brings me to my point, I am becoming convinced that it isn’t just “gadget guys” that like this stuff. Prove that something-anything- will solve a problem or make things easier, and people will love it. Show them a little and they will begin to see how it works, and then dream up solutions to their problems. One of the great things of naiveté is that there is no limit in the thinking.

Oh, and my 70+ year old, genealogy fan of a mother-in-law is now on Facebook…..

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