Church IT

Unnecessary frustration

So I just upgraded our six year old main server to a new one with Server 2008. The old one was running 2000. There are some nice features in the upgrade. Not the least of which is ldap capabilities with our web filter. Hang on to your passwords folks. We are tracking by name now!
One glitch we found out about had to do with a couple of our workstations running Vista Home Premium. They were just mapped to the shared drive before. Planned to upgrade them to business. Turns out, you can’t go from Home Premium to Business. Go to Ultimate, go directly to Ultimate, do not pass go-or do a clean install. Thanks, but no thanks. Got all but one of them done.

So yesterday we were having trouble with some odd errors from our database. Only on boot up, then it messed up when doing payroll from that machine. This is one of the Home Premium boxes. So after an hour and a half, we discover that it does not have Service Pack 1 installed. I really hate wasting time, but more than that, I hate wasting other people’s time. In this case, the tech support person. I couldn’t believe I did not know it was out of date. And that I somehow missed it.

Check the obvious. Then get over it. Chances are someone else has done the same thing and would laugh WITH you about it.


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