Chicken Wings-that aren’t

So, I never used to care much for eating. It was just a necessary evil-like gassing up the car. When I was in my 20s I was a competitive athlete which meant 6-8000 calories a day. It was all about volume and nutrition. What it would do. Function. Taste was unimportant.
Then I got married.
Then my wife developed a passion for cooking and baking. The fact that I don’t weigh 300 pounds is a testament to God’s sovereign grace.
One of the favorites around our house is homemade chicken wings. Now, when it comes to eating, I am fundamentally lazy. I don’t want to work just to eat something. So regular chicken wings are pretty close to the “cost-benefit” line. If they are small and dry, it is almost not worth it. My wife makes them using drumsticks and thighs. So now we are getting some real value!
What is the difference between her “wings” and regular fried chicken you ask? A lot. The sauce, the spices, the way they are cooked. I could go on. But basically, take the best thing about regular chicken wings….and multiply the substance. The meat of it.

How does this relate to regular life? I am not sure that it does, but if it did it would probably be something along the lines of:

  1. Don’t discount anything or anyone. All it takes is one person with a passion to show you the value-but you have to be willing to experience it with them.
  2. If you love something, share it with someone you love. It may be contagious, or you may very well end up blessing them beyond belief.
  3. You never know where God may have placed a talent within you. My wife and I joke about her cooking sometimes because she generally makes it up as she goes. She will take a basic recipe and “add some of this, a bunch of that, substitute some of these for those because, well, they are the same color” etc. In ten years there has only been one or two where it didn’t quite work out.
    God may have something planned that only you can do. Some instance where He needs someone to take the best of something, and multiply the substance-the meat of it.
    There may be some preconceived notions or established paradigms out there that need to be shattered.

Like making chicken wings just out of…well…chicken wings.


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