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A few weeks ago I was talking to someone about their business, or a friend’s business or something. I forget exactly what, but the subject was streaming. Getting information to a lot of people in different places and have them all feel like part of the same group within the company. They were just kind of musing about how it would be great if they could do that. I said it is already being done. Their incredulous reaction was all the invitation I needed. “There are a number of businesses that have perfected this on very tight budgets”
“Really, who?”
“Churches” It was not the response he was looking for. He knew the technology was out there, but assumed it was only for the very large HP, Humana, Kaiser kind of operations. This got me thinking “What if…..”

When the war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD was hot, I read a column report out of Comdex. The writer said “The winner of this format war will likely be decided by the **** industry. (I used asterisks to cheat the filters. I think we all know what “industry” I am referring to.) Sad. Our day to day technology is driven by victimization.

Imagine if churches, banded together, networked in mind, spirit and ip addresses became not just “users” of technology, not just organizations “hoping to redeem the culture through the medium of MySpace”, but were of such critical mass that the next time there was a format war, the message out of Comdex was “The new media delivery format will likely be decided by whoever provides the greatest serviceability to churches.” The next big innovation is always just around the corner. Just imagine if the marketing guys main focus was “ok, this has to be scalable to the mega church seating 20,000 on Sunday plus another 20,000 online as well as affordable for every neighborhood church with 50 people on Sunday and 10 who are shut in. The total mass of the church market is too large to be ignored.”

There is some amazing stuff going on in churches, not only from a “gee whiz look at the pretty video animation” way, but in “how do we analyze “x” for productivity to ensure it brings value”. Imagine how the world would view the church if it was common knowledge that WE were the drivers of technology. Mass printing started out with the Bible.

Makes me think of a future post…”What if we made FEMA obsolete?”

3 thoughts on “Technology Leaders

  1. Jeff,

    This has long been one of my dreams. The idea of building the infrastructure to pull together the largest organization in the world to absolutely put FEMA out of business and many other agencies.

    The great thing about doing it through technology is that you don’t get so much in the theological discussions. The power is really when you connect the Church and not just the church.

  2. Hey Hal,
    “One of your longtime dreams, eh?” Hope I didn’t steal this idea from you. 🙂 If so, you are duly given credit!
    I do remember a conversation along these lines at the ACS roundtable.

  3. I’m not the first to have this dream. It makes too much sense.

    When I was at ACS the idea came out the connections we had with so many churches. We started working on the idea back in the late 90’s and got pretty serious about 3-4 years ago looking at the possibilities. Things have changes a great deal since then and the strategy would be different now.

    There are others already doing this. Look at NAMB and other church organizations. They’re doing a great job of providing assistance in times of need. What you’re taking about is taking it to the next level using technology.

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