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New media player

So my wife and I are on vacation. I am actually going somewhat “dark” on this one. I am bringing my laptop so we can attend church online while we are away-God and the cell phone providers willing. Where we are going there won’t be any wifi. So we are bringing two phones from different providers hoping one will have coverage. But other than that, I am probably going to turn off the twitter, blogs etc. and just enjoy the family time.

I am bringing along a new media player though. This thing is AWESOME! A recent Portfolio Magazine article quoted founder Jeff Bezos as saying that “nothing rivals this for the delivery of media”. He went on to say that it would be his hope that the kindle would one day equal it. Amazing. When was the last time you heard someone say they hoped their product would “one day” equal their rival’s?

The particular one I have has a really innovative software architecture. It is a direct blend of proprietary and open source. Sounds mutually exclusive, I know. But the main OS was written by a little over three dozen guys, many of which did all their work completely independent of the rest of the team. Never met. Let’s just say managment was focused. It was actually a very bizarre arrangement. The output of those projects was then compiled into over five dozen different sub-programs that are all integrated with the direct focus of bringing the main content, as a whole, directly to the individual.

That part of it is completely locked down. So much so that with it comes a warning that any attempts to alter the original code will render the whole device useless. And Microsoft thought THEY knew how to write a EULA!

Then comes in the second layer. This is completely open source and is designed to allow the user to add their level of programming, or to add content from others to expand upon the original layer. Giving that original layer more depth,clarity and interactivity. Once again-withOUT upsetting the original integrity.

As one who loves technology, especially when something is called “the single most technologically advanced device of its kind”, I can’t wait to spend some time with it.

ps- Jeff Bezos was referring to the book. I am referring to The Book.

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