Church IT

FL CITRT and Starbucks

Now that I have your attention….

The Fl CITRT is taking shape. All the info as it happens appears on the “official” WIKI. You can also keep up via Twitter #flcitrt.
Starbucks has graciously agreed to provide coffee for the morning of the event. This does NOT mean that there will be battalions of baristas with portable solar powered espresso makers to whisk in every time you clap your hands. What it DOES mean is that there will be plenty of fresh coffee from start to finish and it won’t be Maxwell House. Thanks SBUX.
We also have commitments from vendors whose names are soon to be released.

There plans to be more than just coffee. There will be food. A new wifi network just begging to be crashed. Ideas to be stolen. And discussion topics galore. (But no clowns…I don’t like clowns).
You will learn. Others will learn from you. This is YOUR ministry.

If you plan to attend (and if you live in Florida-you should) hit the wiki and register. Seeing your commitment will likely spur someone else on. Have you ever skipped an event, then later thought “If I had known so-and-so was going to be there, I’d have gone”? Don’t let it happen. IT people like to think we are “innovative free thinkers” but the reality is we’re sheep like everyone else. Don’t believe me? Be the next to sign up.

Did I mention the coffee?


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