Church IT

A disaster averted, A blessing returned

A few days ago my wife was out and her car wouldn’t start. Because we always keep jumper cables in the car one of the ladies where she was visiting was able to get her started.
There was two very crucial elements here: 1. She had jumper cables. 2. She knew how to use them. Had that not been the case she would have been stranded for 45 minutes or so before I could get there. So maybe it wasn’t a disaster, but certainly an inconvenience and if it had happened in a mall parking lot at night-it could have been much worse.
Today (Thanksgiving) we were out kayaking and there was two guys in a new Lexus doing some fishing. This time THEIR car wouldn’t start. Fortunately for them: 1. I always carry jumper cables in my truck. 2. I know how to use them.
Had that not been the case, God only knows how long Lexus roadside assistance would have taken on a holiday.
They were most appreciative and we were just as happy to be able to return the favor.
What does this mean? Oftentimes simple nuisances or even disasters can be averted, or at least quickly mitigated, by having the right tools and knowing how to use them. In the IT world functioning backup UPS is a given-or at least it should be. I know one individual who had to reinstall a server OS because his UPS unit was not maintained. When was the last time you checked the battery in yours? What else is on the list? What preparations could you make that could save you in time of trouble? Do you have a network of people who would be willing to help you if you needed it? If there was a malfunction in the fire suppression system and your server room flooded-what would you do?
If you follow this blog, you have seen me mention the Fl. CITRT scheduled for Jan. 26, 2009 at Christ Fellowship in WPB.
There will be a select number of vendors there to talk to, but more importantly there will be people just like yourself to network with, learn from, and share your experiences with. Answers to all your questions can be found here.
When ministry needs to happen, do you want yourself or a member of your team stranded without jumper cables?


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