Church IT

No presents for the children of Wisconsin

Well, it appears that the children of Wisconsin will not be getting any presents from Santa this year.
It turns out, someone sabotaged the list. Sent the pages right into the shredder.

If only Santa had a good back-up all those children would not be disappointed this  year.

I wonder if we will see Santa or one of his elves at the Florida Church IT Roundtable? Yes, the FAQs say you have to be a church or ministry in Florida, but there might be an exception for mythical creatures….

But as for the rest of you, if you live in Florida and run a ministry this will certainly be an event you will want to attend. You may find out how to sneak a video like the one above-but without the jerkiness 🙂

Plus, among other things, you wouldn’t want any upset elves.

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