Facility Scheduler Calendar Links

For those who use ACS Technologies AccessACS to provide for member login, you also get a publishable link for your calendar. It would appear that you could open an event, copy the address from your address bar and then either email it, post it to a blog, etc. And you can-for a day. After that, the link breaks.
What I found out was the center portion of the link contains a security token provided by the AccessACS servers. This token is updated each night for security reasons. Thereby breaking the link.
The purpose of updating the token is to “keep visitors from staying too long on the calendar” or something similar to that. Tim from ACS explained it to me and this is my translation. His full explanation sounded reasonable.
Bottom line: Currently you can’t create a link directly to a normal calendar event. Your best option is to send a link to the whole calendar and send your visitors to a specific day.

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