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#flcitrt Roundup ver .01

We survived. Thank you to all who made this a big success. @jasonreynolds and crew deserve a big TY.
The day started with a devotional on how we are all “ministers”. There really should be no distinction in value between those on the front lines and those of us in the back offices. We are all ministers of the Gospel and charged with carrying that forth.
During the day there were conversations related to “internal communication” where one could ask the question “Are we our own worst enemies” when it comes to dealing with other staff members and having them fully embrace new tools? Again, we really are ministers. (more on this topic later)

Long after the day ended, some stragglers were enjoying dinner and one member had to take an emergency cal. The father of one of his team members had a heart attack. The group of IT guys stopped to pray in C.R. Chicks.
We are ministers.

At 8:00 pm the following tweet went out from Jason Reynolds:
Just found out my 89 yr old grandmother passed away suddenly this morning. Lovely German woman. So witty & sharp even up to this week.

We are ministers.

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