Shameless Plugs

Here is a short list of things I believe are worth mentioning and why:

  1. This week’s audio sermon from Christ Fellowship church. http://gochristfellowship.com/online/sermon-archives

    The title is Kingdom Principles. What makes it worth your while? Because it challenges you to think not about what happens TO you, but on what Christ is doing IN you as well as how that either affects or is affected BY your worldview.

  2. Microsoft Mesh. Yes, I know I posted about this one before. Title of the post is, after all “Shameless Plugs”.
  3. If you live in Texas- The Tx. IT Roundtable
  4. The book of John. Currently wading through this with my small group. No matter how many times I do this-it still seems like a first read for me.
  5. Bridgepoint Group – Because Mark Newton is standup guy.
  6. Scott Dixon of ACS Technologies– Anytime a vendor takes time to grab one of the graphics off your website, tweak it a bit, shoot it to you in an email, then tweet you to let you know you have mail-all without being asked, they deserve a shout out in a list SOMEWHERE.

One thought on “Shameless Plugs

  1. Hey.. Thanks for putting me in your list.. I try to offer the best service I can to everyone.. I’m just glad I was able to help..

    Thanks again,

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