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I don’t know when that would be

My wife was signing into her gmail account this morning. Like many, she has a hotmail and a gmail account. Seems we Americans will accumulate anything given enough time. Anyway, as she was signing in she put the domain after her logon name. I said:
”If you ever want to know why you don’t have to add that in gmail like you do in hotmail, let me know.”
Her response:
”I don’t know when that would be. I mean, I am sure it is interesting, but I just don’t know when I would want to to know that.” We had a good laugh about it(maybe you had to be there), but it got me to thinking:
How often do we have information that really doesn’t matter? She got signed on, saw her email. Life is good. She really isn’t interested in saving six keystrokes to make her 5:30 am routine just that much more efficient. Especially when 98% of the time she doesn’t have to sign in anyway. She also isn’t interested in the tags, categories, filters and any of the other “features” in gmail. She is interested in what the PERSON on the OTHER END OF THE EMAIL said.

At the roundtable, one of the themes that popped up repeatedly was “people really don’t care about our technology-they only want to know how much we care about solving their problems”.

There are days when I have to put the “captain whiz bang” tech stuff aside and remember, it really is about the people at the other end of the network cable.


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