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Shameless plug Friday

Potentially a weekly post of a few nuggets gleaned over the week:

1. I stole this idea from Scott Fillmer and his Friday Feet posts. Seems like a good idea and use of time management to give yourself a post topic on a specific day. I have this set to publish Friday morning. In whatever form it is at that time. This should be fun.
2. Volunteers and guest workstations. One of the things we are working toward is setting up a resource office. If someone needs to get out of the house to do job search, they can have a place to go where they won’t feel alone. We set up an unused office with two refreshed WinXP machines and decent sized desks. One of our committee chairs took her new committee members in there, walked each of them through the member sign-in screen and showed them how to access their personal records through AccessACS. I know the excercise was successful because the following day I had a slew of change requests and calendar updates.
3. T-mobile G-1. I like it. I feel so counter cultural and rebellious not getting an iPhone. For some reason, by NOT buying an Apple product, I feel like I am “sticking it to the man”. Note: You also might want to read this post.
4. Matt Irvine on Facebook and your church. Add this guy to your “feeds to read” list.

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