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Shameless Plug Friday 2-13-09

1. Our neighbor Al. My wife and I were out walking Tam the Wonderdog recently. We went through a different part of the neighborhood and met a neighbor who lives about a mile away. He happened to be out in his yard. After some pleasant chatting, he invited us in for a tour of his exotic fruit farm. We left with star fruits, Indian limes (which look like lemons), lemons that looked like oranges, and some itty bitty Thai peppers. Having been to Thailand, I know how dangerous these things can be!
It was just such a pleasant experience-and educational as well. We learned how to graft plants.

2. Handy little tool for making different kinds of widgets. I made a calendar widget for our home page. Pulls a month’s worth of published events from our AccessACS link. Took me all of about five minutes. (Another Shameless Plug for Scott Dixon who gave me that link.)

3. This post by Seth Godin. Especially this line:
”The story you tell is far more important than the way you tell it. Don’t worry so much about being cool, and worry a lot more about resonating your story with my worldview. If you don’t have a story, then a great show isn’t going to help much.”
Ultimately, it is all about the content. Or as my father used to say “Don’t try to make silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

4. This post by Kem Meyer. She writes a blog called Less Clutter, Less Noise on communication within the church.

5. This guy:
Every once in a while, someone like Miles here drops by my office just to say hi. Doesn’t want anything. Doesn’t need anything. Just wants to asks how things are going and if they can help.
I hope you have a couple of people like this in your life.


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