The T-Mobile Saga

A twitter friend posted that he was going to get a G-1. I thought it pertinent to send him and email with some “little known facts”. After reading it, I thought I would post it here as well:

Just wanted to share some frustrations and expectations with the G-1.

I had a Dash with the data plan. Worked great for email and text. All twitters came in as texts, so there was a charge for that. Web browsing was useless. Twitpic would not display. Also had three handsets go bad in a year.

Wife got an ATT phone via ATT phone order about a year ago. They messed with our home phone bill even though we specifically told them not to link it, slammed us with $1,000 in wireless charges on our home phone before the cell phone was even out of the box, rep took our Amex card and bought stereo equipment and had it shipped to New York and Minnesota. Major pain. Not a happy ATT person.

Bought the G-1.

1.       You MUST have a Gmail account to make your first call. The phone MUST be linked to it. All your phone contacts come from your Gmail account. So any Outlook contacts, etc. they will need to be in your Gmail address book. This will be your primary email account. No ifs ands or buts.

2.       I also have hotmail and a second Gmail for work. These are listed under “other email accounts”. Hotmail is a typical POP3. I really got used to the hotmail connector with outlook as well as the WM6 synching. Forgot what a pain POP3 is.

Both the hotmail and secondary Gmail accounts have problems. Engineering is working on it. Claim they will have it fixed by the 23rd. Doubtful. Issues are:

·         Consistent connection error message

·         Messages that were previously read will return to unread status

·         No notification of incoming messages or intermittent notification

·         Previously deleted messages will re-download

Their fix is to just access those accounts via the browser for now.

3.       Data plan. The G-1 uses a different data network. Hence the $10 add on if you want to access T-Mobile hotspots via laptop. The plan is called “Hot Spot Anywhere”. I HIGHLY recommend bringing your laptop into the store with you. I had multiple reps tell me anything from:

·         You already have the service

·         You can’t get the service

·         That was a service we used to offer, but you can no longer be “grandfathered in”

·         That will be an additional service at $40/month plus you have to buy a data card

I believe I finally got it sorted out last night. I will try to hit a SBUX to verify. Again, bring your laptop to the store. If you get a “username and password error” they don’t have it set right.

4.       I got just the basic G-1 data plan for $25. Same data usage, only difference is 400 text messages verses unlimited. With twitter and “twidroid” I get almost no texts so 400 is fine.

5.       G-1 cannot be tethered as a modem as yet.

6.       There is no app for MS documents as yet. OpenOffice claims they will port their service over later this year. That will be a one-time fee of $40. Google docs of course do work.

7.       GPS locator is off by about a mile. Convenient in case you are the target of a missile strike. I heard there is a way to improve the accuracy.

8.       Have not located a flash player yet. I heard it exists. As do unicorns and tax cuts for the middle class.

9.       Maps, navigation, etc do work well

10.   3g service is phenomenal. Even the EDGE network is better than it was on the Dash.

11.   Facebook and twitter apps solid

All in all it is a good piece. If you are a Gmail account user, this is perfect as the calendar, email and contacts all synch directly. It is def. more consumer oriented than enterprise.

Trackball is worth its weight in gold.

Plan is significantly cheaper than ATT.

I believe the keyboard is a major plus over iPhone. Also, there is a package called “cupcake” that will include a slide-up keyboard like the iPhone among other things.


Hope this helps.


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