Shameless Plug Friday 2-27-09

1. Vigilance and meekness.Three Ridgebacks on alert

This is what three Rhodesian Ridgebacks look like when they are searching for something to chase. The cute one on the right is Tam the Wonderdog. In case you are not familiar, these dogs were formerly used to hunt lions in Africa. Three of them could keep a lion at bay until the hunters could walk up and shoot or spear it. These dogs are bred mostly for companionship now, but still have some of that instinct in them. This is possibly the best definition of Jesus’ example of meekness being “strength under control” I have seen. I would trust them with an infant any day of the week. If the infant was a family member and someone tried to harm it-that is another story.
2. The life change that can happen ONLY in the local church.
This past Sunday at church, the pastor talked about how at one of the Spanish services, someone invited a couple of leaders from local gangs. They gave their lives to Christ and are now in the process of making new decisions. They asked for prayer for these two men. Please join with me in that.
3. Derek Berg and Scott Goodger. Couple of all around nice guys in the church IT world. Their blogs are worth reading. As an added bonus: If there is free food to be had anywhere in Florida-these guys know about it. That alone makes them worth the cost of following them on twitter.
4. Ted Dekker-Christian fiction writer. C.S.Lewis said “What the world needs is NOT more Christian authors. What the world needs is more GOOD authors who happen to be Christian.” Dekker fits that mold. I finished his book “Adam” over the weekend. Gives great insight into spiritual warfare and demonic possesion. All wrapped up as an FBI crime thriller. Saturday night around midnight I couldn’t sleep so I thought I would read for a little while. By 2:30 am the book was done. I still couldn’t sleep plus I now I was scared! Got another of his novels from the library on Monday.


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