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If I don't need it, it's not a good deal.

Dunkin DonutesI saw this sign at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Sunday afternoon. Now, I like doughnuts as much as the next guy. Maybe more so. In fact, I believe the Boston Creme doughnut ranks right up there with the Chevy small block and 90 feet between bases as evidence that God still shows favor on mankind.
But the fact remains: I don’t need a dozen doughnuts. I don’t even really need one doughnut, but I should certainly stay away from a dozen of them.
Which leads me to think: are there other things in life we don’t need a dozen of? Or really even one of? I am not suggesting we live like monks walking around in gray wool and burlap, but I am thinking more along the lines of time. Efficiency. How we spend our days.

There are countless things we could buy. But it probably really won’t change our lives. A 42″ flat screeen won’t change your life. Especially once you get it home as see the commercial for the next wave that includes 3d technology.

Maybe some of the things we do on a daily basis really don’t add value either. They just seem like it at the time. But that is the question. “Does this add value?”
Whether or not it adds value is up to you to determine.
Some may say the inane posts of twitter do not add value. That it is just the height of nacissism to think someone actually cares that you are in line at a rental agency. Or at a peewee soccer game. Or headed to a meeting you would rather avoid. I disagree. It may be the only window into a friend’s world you have. And it may prompt you to pray for them.
At the other end of the spectrum you could spend a whole day on some project, drive yourself nuts, finally accomplish it, and at the end of it be forced to recognize that it was little more than “busy work”. That time would have been better spent on something that would directly impact someone else’s life. Either personally or by making their workday easier.

So, as we go through this week, I would challenge us all to look at what we are doing, thinking, saying and ask:
“Does this add value? Or is just a box of doughnuts I don’t need?”


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