Comcast made it out yesterday to look at our “part time help”  internet. It still dropped off every morning around 6am for a few seconds. This past Sunday was the worst. Wouldn’t stay up for more than a 30 seconds and this lasted until we gave up to go to church. They ran some tests. Found some “readings that were out of range”.
The guys came out, turns out there was corrosion in the connections at the street and elsewhere. Today I am getting an average of 10 and change mb down and 3mb up according to Speakeasy.net. I’ll take it.
I do hope this fixes it and they have us listed as customers in the system now. Sunday morning I talked to six people in two states and only one of them had any record of us as customers. It was pretty frustrating.

Last month they took the service over from our HOA. On the appointed day, our cable cut off. I tweeted “Cable down. Comcast must be making the switch.” Within 30 minutes I got a tweet back from someone at Comcast asking if they could look into it for me. Cool. I tried that again when customer service acted like I was John Locke.
Nothing. Which tells me that some companies monitor twitter traffic sometimes. But don’t count on it helping you to get to the front of the line.

Post edit:
49 minutes after the original post, I received a tweet from Frank Eliason asking to look into the trouble.
Approximately an hour after that, they posted a comment on this blog with contact info.
My wife also mentioned that the Comcast rep who came out was the best service tech we have had. Bar none.


2 thoughts on “Comcast

  1. I apologize that we did not see your comments. One way to ensure they are seen is to direct them to any of us @ComcastBonne @ComcastBill @ComcastGeorge or myself (@ComcastCares). We would be happy to help. Please email us your account information and the trouble you are experiencing or DM me.

    Thank you for the feedback!

    Frank Eliason

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