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Shameless Plug Friday 3-6-09

1. Comcast so far has made the list. Anyone who comments on this blog should make the list. Also, any company that gives out three twitter addresses to DM in case of trouble DEFINITELYdeserves to make the list. Hopefully, we’ll never have to use them. The most efficient method of customer service is probably still the telephone, but it is nice to know there are other avenues.
2. Damien Stevens, twitter name DamienStevens. If you have an interest in cloud computing, follow this guy. He is a prolific twitter-er with a lot of article links re: cloud computing. His posts add value.
3. Volunteers who train volunteers. You know the type. The kind where they come to you so wide eyed about something they can’t help but pay attention as you talk to them, then they go out encouraging others. Round peg-round hole.
4. Praying for people. I mean really doing it. Chuck Missler calls prayer “the long range artillery in spiritual battles” because “it can affect change over great distances”. Nice.


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