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Volunteers training volunteers

Sunday we held a class for new elders on the finer points of AccessACS, our member log-in section. They obviously knew how to log in and use it for their purposes, but the goal was to help them understand how mainintaing their own groups/committee lists would improve the flow of communication overall. Once they realized the changes they were allowed to make would all need to be approved by a staff admin, they had confidence to “get their feet wet”.

It was really quite rewarding on a number of levels:
1. All I did was “provide backup”. A volunteer elder actually led the training and walked people through the processes. Talk about equipping members!
2. Watching the one person who came into the class as the most timid “non-computer person”, take hold of the tools, filters, etc. and add events to the calendar, add people to their groups, look for information, etc. (BTW-This was also the lone mac user. There’s one in every crowd).

By doing it this way, the person leading the class had confidence, because there was someone there to fall back on, the people learning it were free to try anything because they found out I would delete the changes anyway. Fly little birdies, fly!

The funny thing is, at the end of it, they were so excited because “this will save us so much time because we won’t have to bother the staff so much.”

Preach it, sister, preach it.


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