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AccessACS, G-1 and mapping

g-11Here’s how I stumbled on to this one:
One of our senior staff members is on an extended health leave. Since I live “in that general direction” I offered to drop off some food. I had been to their house once when they first moved in but that was four years ago. I thought it best to look up their address.
So I hit the icon on my G-1 that opens AccessACS. It works much like making a desktop version of Facebook with Chrome. Browser app outside the browser kind of thing. Tap the login button, roll over the search field to search by last name, type a portion of  the last name and up comes the whole family.
In the process, I rolled over their address with the thumbwheel by accident.
It highlighted.
Huh. Might as well click and see what happens.
Up pops Google maps with a pin on their house.
From there it is as simple as tapping the address, selecting “directons to this address” and “route”.
All while driving a stick in stop and go traffic. (Bad, I know).

Here’s what I know and what I don’t know:
1. If you happen to have a G-1 and open the web version of AccessACS (not the .mobi app) and are logged in as an Administrator, Staff, or Lay Leader, when you look up someone’s address you can select that address either via thumbwheel or a well placed finger tip. It works just like a selecting a phone number will automatically dial if you click on it, or an email address, etc. Popping up the map function in the same manner as the dialer function was quite the surprise.
 2. It’s pretty handy if you are the type of person who makes member house calls.
3. You can do it while driving, but I don’t recommend it. (insert insurance disclaimer here). I only say that to illustrate that it is very easy.
4. I don’t know if it works on an iphone, Windows mobile, or Blackberry. I would be interested in hearing from someone who has one of these. One ACS staffer gave it an unsuccessful run on his iphone, but I did not verify his login creds.
5. I DO know if your credentials are set to “Member”, the addresses will show, but not as links you can select. 

Being able to search a member address from a phone is cool. Being able to search a member address and map to it from current GPS location: Awesome.


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