Shameless Plug Friday 3-27-09

Here’s a return to shameless plugs:

1. Guys getting together to eat.
My Wednesday night men’s group finished our current study and decided to take a one week break to just relax and have a fish fry. We had tilapia, home-made baked beans, potato salad, and three or four different kinds of dessert. It’s pretty hard to beat a night like that.

2. People who pray. I may have said it before, but it merits repeating.
Last week I had to send out two emails I’d have rather not. One related to a staff member whose wife miscarried and another related to an elder whose cancer had returned. The response we received back was nothing short of overwhelming.

3. 360 desktop. For those of us who like to have a clean desk when we walk in in the morning, a clean desk when we leave at night, but anything can happen in the middle, this is a handy tool. It effectively expands your monitor desktop by about 3-4 times and scrolls 360 degrees. (if you have a window maximized, it stops the scrolling). If nothing else, when you are having one of those moments when you really need to mentally work through a problem, just put your mouse to the right edge of the screen. The constant loop as applications go by like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the visual equivalent of white noise.

4. Explaining twitter. You have to admit it is fun. Turns otherwise rational humans into four year olds:
“What’s twitter?”
“It’s a 140 character message about what you are doing.”
“But why?”
“So people can see what you are up to.”
“But why?”
“To share information in real time.”
“But why?”
“This way you don’t have to send an email.”
“But why?”
“So you can link it to automatically update your blog or facebook.”
“But why?”
“Here’s a cookie. Go play.”

5. E-Sword. This has been my bible study tool of choice for about two or three years. I saw one of my collegues posted a shout out to it and realized I should as well. It is a free, no add desktop application. Get it and download all the free resources including Strong’s Concordance and Henry’s commentaries and you are good to go. Since it is a desktop app, the only thing you can’t do is link to a verse.

6. Blu. This is the first Silverlight application I have seen for twitter. Similar to tweetdeck, just more visually appealing and minimalistic (IT speak for “missing some features).


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