Superhero or Career Option?

captain-marvelWhen I was little, I used to ride my tryke past the back steps and under the porch. That was the “Bat Cave”. When I got older I stuck feed sacks (yes, we really had those growing up!) in my shirt collar like a cape and jumped off the garage roof.  It was built into a hill so it wasn’t that high. That was about the same time I would stand in an open field and yell “SHAZAM”. Why? Because when you are five or ten Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel and all the others aren’t fantasy superheros. They are career options. “This could actually work.”
If Evil Knieval could jump a motorcycle, then all I needed was my old stingray bike, dad’s tool box, a six foot long 2×12 and a hill.

These days I find myself doing the same thing sometimes. Someone will come up with an idea, or a wish and my first response is “yes”.
“Haven’t figured that out yet. But I am sure we can do it.”
The challenge arises when we get over committed or go too far. The trick I believe, is in knowing when and where to step out in faith and trust God for the outcomes – and when to realize you are trying to do something God never intended.
Phil Viscer of Veggie Tales fame tried to build an entertainment empire. To “out Disney, Disney”. That was too far. It wasn’t what God intended for him. When it all fell apart he realized that God really didn’t create him to build an empire. God created him to tell stories.
He went back to creating and consulting on stories. Since then, there has a plethora of Veggie Tales stories to teach, entertain and inspire. But if he had never tried, if had never really given it a serious go in the very beginning -all those stories may have been nothing more than goofy characters on some films in the basement. He needed to go “too far to find where he was supposed to be”.
Are we willing to occasionally risk “going too far”?
At the same time, are we listening to that still, small voice that says “this is not what I intended”?

Superhero or Career Option? I guess only God can decide.

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