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Shameless Plug Friday 4-3-09

1. 10 Years of marriage. Today is the ten year anniversary for my wife and I. Heaven is probably hip deep in treasures stored up for her just for dealing with me.
We were married at the church where I work on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter so we celebrate on the day of (April 3), as well as Easter Weekend! (Note: There has since been a policy passed of “No weddings during Holy Week”. I’d recommend that policy.)
2. SecureSearch The new ACS update allows you to request a background check from within the database. Very cool process. Have your volunteer fill out the consent form. Go to their member record and hit “Request Background Check”. Now it becomes a part of their member record that is viewable ONLY to those people who have rights to the background tab. This allows you to do ALL SORTS of handy searches. Need an approved childcare worker? Run a search on everyone who has a background check. You can also run a search for a group of people and request background checks for the whole slew of them at one time.
Why did SecureSearch make the list? Because Cheryl Pegues who assisted in my set-up was friendly, knowledgable and sent a handwritten thank you note. Very personable. In today’s climate where everyone is forced to cut costs and “manufacture a culture of caring” it is great to work with someone for whom it comes naturally. It is really hard to fake sincerity.
3. FL.CITRT 2010. Keep an eye on the wiki at fl.citrt and especially the cool form that Derek Berg set up here. Derek took over the role of Grand PooBah from Jason Reynolds. He will be assisted by none other than Scott Goodger (that doesn’t mean others can’t help. It just means Scott is the only one that has been drafted so far. If you can lend a hand, they will take it!). Keep your eyes on the wiki and Derek and Scott’s blogs. (One request guys: No clowns. I don’t like clowns….)
4. Virtual Roundtable on usage of Facebook and Twitter among faith communities to further their work and mission. Dean Lisenby is floating the idea of offering this – hence the official title. Tweet him if you are interested.

4 thoughts on “Shameless Plug Friday 4-3-09

  1. Jeff, I see the value in using secure search since it integrates with ACS.. how did you make the sell to your team to go with a more expensive BG search tool…. I can’t get our staff to see the benifits beyond the cost.

  2. For our general volunteer purposes, it is $12.50 a pop. I consider that fair. That gets the national criminal, sex offender, address, etc. Which is$3.50 less than our previous provider.
    You can drill down to specific counties if you want, but those are obviously more.
    The teachers in our weekday p-k through grade 8 schools still have to go to the County Courthouse to get fingerprinted and have those run. That one is $25. So our point of reference is higher. How much are you paying?
    When I showed it to our dept. heads, they hopped up and down and immediately began asking positive questions. I think they were just able to see the managment side of it.

  3. Jeff,

    Your comments about SecureSearch and my exceptional customer service associate, Cheryl, are very appreciated. I sent a copy to Cheryl to acknowledge her great efforts.

    Peace and Grace,
    Steve Durie
    President and CEO

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