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Shameless Plug Friday 4-24-09

1. MinistryTECH conference. This is a big deal out in Colorado Springs. Emceed by none other than Jason “The King” Powell at least that is what Dell calls him). If you can’t get there, check out the streams.
2. People who are willing to do things a little differently just to see if they can. There was a tweet posted from a moving van on the way to the conference via wifi connection being broadcasted from another moving van. That gives the term “portable wifi” a whole new meaning. How long before we have totally portable data  centers?
3. Dave Ramsey’s Town Hall for Hope. Yes, the economy is down. Yes, some parts of the country are reeling from the effects of it. But yes, the biggest detriment to the economy is the fear! This isn’t a disaster, this is a return to normal. News flash: This has happened before.
If you are sprinting flat out, at some point you will have to slow down and walk, maybe even stop and sit down. That doesn’t mean you will never run again! However, slow and steady wins the race. Dollar cost averaging is the tortise of wealth management.
4. Chuck Missler, the Blue Letter Bible and His stuff is invaluable to my small group and I. Especially now as we are wading through the book of Galatians. He may not be the most dynamic of a motivational speaker, but that is not his goal. “Inform, educate, let God do the transforming.”
5. Auto-save. Enough said.

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