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Shameless Plug Friday 5-1

1. My sister Debbie. Tomorrow is her birthday. I do pretty well to remember that one- having have five sisters and all. Can’t be expected to remember everybody. Even if one was born on Christmas Day (They named her Chris) and another was born on New Year’s Eve (They named her Virginia).
2. Twibes. To be honest, I am not sure I fully understand the usefulness of twitter (even though it saved my bacon on more than one occasion), let alone twibes. But I like Elmer Fudd, and “twibes” sounds like something he would say, so I created one-firstchurch. I am sure it  will come in handy some day. In the meantime I kind of feel like a squatter.
3. The ACS National Convention at the end of the month. Not sure who came up with the bright idea to have it the week after Memorial Day, but that guy ought to get an award. Convention starts Wednesday, but there are some VERY good pre-convention sessions including “Let’s Go Checkpoint” and IT Roundtable(free and HIGHLY recomended) so you will want to go a day early. As long as you are going to be there Tuesday, you might as well get in early on Monday evening so you are well rested. Well, shoot. Monday is a holiday so you can’t work anyway. And since Jason and Matt have cracked the code on hotel reservations, just go on and head to Jacksonville Friday night. Get in a round of golf Saturday. Enjoy the sights, maybe take a run to St. Augustine (nation’s oldest city) on Sunday. If you host your website on Extend, you can update it from the hotel. You are probably already using OnDemand so you won’t have any lost time with end of the month reports and other wrap ups. All that aside, I am sure your are using AccessACS so all your Sunday School teachers, volunteer leaders, and everyone else is marking the attendance for their groups all by themselves. They won’t even know you are gone. And should someone REALLY mess things up while you are away, there is always LiveStore.
I\’m telling you, who ever it was…genius.
4. The Expanded Bible coming out from Thomas Nelson Publishers in August. Quite honestly, I need another bible like the aforementioned sister needs another pair of shoes. Like all good Christians, I have a collection. Different versions, different translations, different binding sizes. You name it. However, I am stuck in NKJV land. My daily Bible is Thomas Nelson NKJV Wide Margin, Center Column Reference Edition. It’s big, it’s wide, it’s heavy, it’s floppy. The way God intended Bibles to be. You’ve heard stories how a small New Testament tucked in a jacket vest pocket has deflected a bullet from a handgun? This thing will stop a Howitzer.
Oddly enough, before we were ever dating, my wife bought the same one-without the wide margins. Her’s is pink (mine’s not in case you wondered). The one inch margins all the way around have really come in handy for me the last decade or so. Sermon note? Right there. Quote from Matthew Henry? Jotted it down. Full expanation of what James meant when he said “joy”. Got it. I thought I would rue the day this thing finally collapsed, which appears immenint.  (ISBN #475BG, my birthday is in July, just as an FYI ). That is, I was dreading it until now.
Michael Hyatt (twittername:michaelhyatt) sent out the following tweet yesterday:
In August, we will pub The Expanded Bible, similar to the Amplified Bible, but better. Download it free NOW:
All a reputable publisher has to say is “Free, Bible, and Download” and I am probably going to click it. What this thing does is take all those years of me writing in two point type with a mechanical pencil in those wide margins and “embeds” it within the text. There are notes for Traditional Renderings of words and phrases, there are Comments inline with the text-which is how people talk. It really is a great way to arrange reference information. Based on the pdf, it looks like it will have wide margins to write in, but I doubt I will be doing as much of that. It looks like it will be a great Bible to just sit and read-which is nice sometimes, or a good study aid as well. When it comes out in August, I will be plunking down my $19.95 for one. Provided I am not among the first 200 to blog or comment about it. The first 200 get a free copy.

There’s a reason it’s called Shameless Plug Friday.


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