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A little R & R

One of the great things about living in Florida is the fishing. It’s great provided you like fishing. If you don’t well…
So this morning a group of us met at the dock at 0600. Why so early? That will make sense in a little bit:

Here’s a picture of one of the guys, Richard with the first hook-up of the day. I don’t think we even had all the lines in the water when it hit. This also turned out to be the largest fish of the day. You’ll get a better idea of the size soon.

A little bit later, Jason got his first of the day. Notice the position of the sun. Just over the horizon. This one really WAS taken after Richard’s.

A little more trolling and one of the guys son’s had his first fish. By 8:30 we had five of them in the box. (I’ll spare you the picture of the bloody fishbox).
Didn’t get a single hit after that.
Many thanks to Bill who took us out on his boat, the guys who were able to join us, and God for providing some hungry fish.


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