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Training Volunteers

Ever get a volunteer, give ’em some direction, then when an “oops” happens the volunteer blames themself for messing up and you blame yourself for not training them right?
Yeah. Me neither.
But the real question comes in “What was the goal?”
Ok, for just a minute, get down off the “Ten Leadership Principles of Successful Team Development Through Personal Excellence” train and remember that the most important word is “personal”. The only thing that really matters is people. We are all just dealing with people. Shoot, some of even are people!
If you have read this blog for any length of time (and I thank the both of you), you know I have a slant toward expectations. Giving and getting. But sometimes, maybe, just sometimes it isn’t about fulfilling expectations. Maybe sometimes it is just about “being”.

For the last six weeks my small group and I have been wading through the book of Galatians. The whole book is about grace verses law. Living a life led by the Spirit verses living one of fulfilling expectations that are beyond reach. This letter is unlike any of Paul’s other ones. This isn’t Paul the “hang in there guys, I believe in you, me and my buddies all say ‘Hi’, let’s have lunch, buh-bye”.
This Paul the Angry Blogger.
What is he so honked off about? Somebody has been trying to get the Galatians to start worrying about fulfilling expectations that they have no business even thinking about. And once they got on the “expectation fulfillment train”, there was no stopping it. Their focus shifted from one of gratitude and “glad that is over” to one of…well…..OUCH!

I don’t have any great axiom to close this post out and tie those two points up with a bow. It all seems incongruous on the surface.
But I will say that you know how you really didn’t care about that little “oops” I mentioned? Your volunteer probably didn’t care about being undertrained either. Probably never entered their mind.
But if either one of you lets the other start down the “should have done…” road, you are both in trouble. You are BOTH putting yourself under a burden that really doesn’t exist. That’s a line of thinking that certainly won’t end at ” love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control”.

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