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Shameless Plug Monday – 5-18-09

Yes, I know. It’s supposed to be Shameless Plug Friday.

1. Jason Powelland CITRT. Monday night I was in a Communications Committee meeting and one of the goals was to explore the idea of having the meetings via web conference. There are a lot of reasons to do this- less trips by car (greener), volunteers can save probably an hour by time they drive to church, drive back and the associated getting ready to go, etc. The next day I posted a tweet looking for “free or dirt cheap” solutions. Jason retweeted and later put a page up on the site. Thus demonstrating the power of community.
I could spend several weeks searching for different solutions, trying them out, etc. Or I could just check into the wiki page every so often and let the discussion hash it out. Hmmm….
2. My buddies Scott S. and Kevin A. who keep noodling me to get back on the bike. The spirit is willing, but the time clock is weak. Gotta find time for that. (you can and should follow @kevinabbate on twitter. You’ll feel like a fat, lazy, out of shape, middle aged tree slug, but Kevin is a great guy, so it’s all good. He’s definitely a motivator when it comes to being in shape.)
3. Michael Hyatt. CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I just added him to my blog roll. His blog consistently has great information on time management, staying connected via technology, leadership, etc. There is a good one here about twitter and another good one hereabout managing email. Great resource and certainly worth following.

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