Piece of Cupcake…G-1 Style

Couldn’t wait any longer so I manually updated my G-1 from firmware version 1.1 to ver. 1.5(Cupcake). In case you were wondering, there was nothing in between.
I could have done it a week ago and even thought about it. Chickened out as I was afraid to brick my phone before the ACS Convention (more updates on this later). That would have been embarrassing. At any rate, I couldn’t wait for the OTA update. Now that I have it, I wish I had done it earlier. Here’s why:

  1. Video Record. The new firmware adds video record with super simple upload to youtube. Since it is a G-1 and you are REQUIRED to have GMAIL, once you set up a youtube account, they link so there is no sign in process. You are already signed in. You do get a handy little icon to tell you when the upload is done. This would have come in very handy last week.
  2. On-screen keyboard in both portrait and landscape. I know you iphoners are thinking “What’s the big deal?”. The big deal is now I have onscreen PLUS slide out. My initial reaction is the G-1 onscreen is a lot easier than the iPones I have tried. A LOT easier.
  3. Battery life seems to be much better. Will know by the end of the week, but initial reaction is that it is.
  4. The compass app works better. Previously it seemed to hang-up.
  5. GPS fix is faster.
  6. All of the user interfaces are much nicer. Especially the GMAIL. This one is a major improvement.

You can find the whole list of new features here. Those above are just the ones that applied to me.  
The camera still needs work. Loads faster and has a very handy upload to Picasa with ability to choose which folder the picture ends up in-but the picture quality is still not great. It’s a 3mp lens, so maybe the next software update will help it out. 
Now, if they could only make it render flash…


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