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C.S. Lewis-The original twitterer

I’m not making light of a tragic situation, but in case you are not aware, C.S. Lewis lived his life a confirmed bachelor. That was until he met his wife Joy late in life. 
Shortly after they were married she was succumbed to cancer and passed away. So great was Lewis’ sorrow that he could not express it. His only respite was to keep a notepad on a table. Everytime a thought entered his head he would jot it down. And then move on. This chronology became the book “A Grief Observed.” The progression of emotions is real and plainly evident. It is impossible to read this book without emotionally walking the path with the author.
Were he alive today, Lewis might have tweeted those short thoughts. Those observations of grief.

Twitter can be inane- “Went to the bathroom. Out of toilet paper again.”
Twitter can be an incredible time sink- “I need to know what each of the 237 people I am following are doing. Every three minutes.”
But, if you consider your audience, and take stock in your life-at this moment right now- you might find something that is of value to others.

Lewis put his grief out there, but he was willing to do that only because he lived it and it was real.
Live life. REALLY live life…only then will you have something to tweet about.

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