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Shameless Plug Friday 6-19-09

Been a few weeks, but here are a few things that derserve a shout out:

1. Andy Andrews and his book The Noticer. That review I have been promising is  coming. Honest. However, the short version of the review is that so much of life is about “perspective”. I once saw a cartoon that said “I’d have a more positive outlook if a lot of good things started happening to me.”
This book shows that not only are good things probably already happening and you are just overlooking them, but by intentionally noticing them, you can can have a positive effect on others.
2. Wes Harris from Extend Support. We have an image on our site that has an irregularly shaped border. When the image displays, it would have the faintest of gray outline box. After double checking photoshop to see if it was part of the image, I called our CMS and got Wes. We found out it only happens only on certain high resolution monitors-none of which were his or his co-workers. Inspite of not being able to duplicate the problem we did find a solution.
The reason Wes makes the list is even though he couldn’t see the problem, he was NOT going to let it go. I really appreciate it when customer service people are tenacious. It’s the difference between “the soup is on aisle four” and “let’s walk to aisle four together and I will help you find the type of soup you are looking for”.
Lord, help me to be like this.
3. Summer break. Seems like I can get so much more done!
4. Plug in someone’s twitter name and it gets the last 1000 posts and gives you a psych eval on them. Interesting to see how many of us in the church world talk about “upward motion” and “positive emotions”.

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