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CITRT member on a mission

Woodland Community Church in Bradenton, Fl is sending a team to minister to a Navajo Reservation in Arizona and New Mexico. Derek Berg will be a part of that team as will his wife. As many details as they currently have can be located on Derek’s blog here.
Their trip leaves in less than a month.
If you have ever been blessed, encouraged or made to laugh by Derek, join me in supporting them in any way you can. Financially would be great, but in prayer (really, do it this time) would be more than appreciated as well. Whip out that fancy phone, put task reminders in there for

  • every Wednesday beginning June 24, ending July 8
  • once per day, beginning July 9, ending July 18.

Think about it-the guy is willfully leaving the gulf coast of Florida and going to Arizona and New Mexico in the middle of the summer! If that doesn’t demonstrate “following God’s leading” I don’t know what does. As Kerry Mackey said at the 2009 FLCITRT, we are ministers.

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