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Shameless Plug Friday 6-26-09

  1. Derek Berg, his wife and the whole crew from Woodland Community Church who are either going or sending on a mission trip. Yes, I posted about it earlier. Shameless Plug Friday.
  2. This post about becoming “Search Literate”.
  3. San Marco Rolls Saddle. If you are a road cyclist, get one of these. I ditched my fancy carbon fiber, ti railed job and dug this worn out trusty dusty:San Marco Rolls Saddle
    Yes, it weighs more. But you can go faster, longer by being more comfortable. And don’t give me that “there’s no cut-out for my-well-youknow” line. All the pressure is on your “sit bones”. Everyone will be just fine.
    They really are that comfortable. I need to find a new one with a smooth cover.
  4. Kudos to the Iranians for finding any way possible to get the word out. Never thought you could get hauled off to jail or executed for sending a tweet.

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