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This is probably going to be an “ACS week” since there are two major developments coming out of Florence.
One is their newly redesigned website, launched last night. It is built and hosted on their “Extend Platform” CMS and it looks to me like they fashioned it in a “multi-site church” sort of way.
Instead of multiple campuses and then multiple ministries, they divided the product lines into Mega(Enterprise), Medium/Large(Foundational), Small(Membership Plus), etc. and under each one of those are the different product lines as applicable. By playing with the URL a bit, especially between the Mega and Med/Large you can see how this pans out. Also helps a lot with the navigation.

They did a nice job of taking the focus off the company and putting it on the user. Do our church websites do that? Is the focus on us as a church or is the focus on the person in front of the screen?

Disclaimer: For those who think I say “all nice things all the time” about ACS, Dad said “If you have something good to say about someone, tell others. If you have something bad to say, deal with just that person or shut up.” Dad was a man of brevity. I don’t always live up to Dad’s words, but I do try.

This is the minor announcement. The major one? Stay tuned..

ACS Technologies: Home

2 thoughts on “ACS Technologies: Home

  1. Thanks Jeff!!! I truly enjoy working with you and your church!! Glad you like the website, but please let us know whatever you think…we try to take every opportunity to grow.
    Have a Great Week!

    • Thx for the comment Pam. Trust me, when I have an issue, I’ll let you know!(Just ask some of the support folks).

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