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Shameless Plug Friday 7-03-09

  1. First and foremost, our veterans. Everyone who has served, supported or lost someone who served our country. Thank you.
  2. This post by Michael Hyatt. If you are not following Michael on twitter and reading his blog, you are doing yourself and your ministry a disservice. His twitter stream is a good blend of "going out for a run, really enjoy the early morning mist" and "10 ways get email under control".
    If your ministry
    • uses blogs
    • is thinking about using blogs
    • or you are trying to explain to senior leadership that "blog" really is a word
      the above post will come in handy in setting up policies and guidelines. Thomas Nelson Publishers "get" social networking.
      Mr. Hyatt’s copyright info can be found here. Please respect his wishes.
  3. This post by Jason Reynolds on supporting someone who has lost their job . There is a lot of common sense wisdom in there that is easily overlooked by well meaning people.
  4. This post on the new Outlook tool. (Shameless Plug). The original post did not have this video attached, but thought I would include it here. It is cheesy and low budget to demonstrate simplicity.
  5. A self-proclaimed, "unashamed, flagrantly Patriotic service highlighting the Christian roots of our country". That is what our pastor said to describe this weekend’s services at Christ Fellowship West Palm Beach. They printed out this list of quotes from our Founding Fathers in case someone tries to tell you they weren’t “Spiritual men”. Dr. Tom Mullins can “bring it” when he wants to. The kind of “bringin’ it” that would make the Rev. Billy Sunday say “that boy can BRING IT”. Services are at 6:00pm Saturday and 9:00 and 11:00 am Sunday. They are all broadcast live for you “out of towners”. Just hit the link about the right time and let your browser do the rest.
    If this guy is fired up a week ahead of time, you better fasten your seatbelts!

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