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Shameless Plug Friday 7-10-09

  1. Derek Berg has left the building. Or more accurately the state. He, his wife and the team from Woodland have left for Ariz. and New Mexico on a mission trip. You can follow their trip from this official blog on the church website.Or DM @djberg and he may let you follow him via Google Latitude.
  2. Jason Lee and his dogged determination. Jason is not letting up on the idea of having his whole ACS member database in his MS Exchange Active Directory. Here’s a post on it. Here’s another one. This Monday Jason is setting up a conference call to discuss the possibility as well as what it would take to make it happen. Details can be found on his blog here.
  3. My other buddy Jason (this time Reynolds) for getting me into a group ride last Saturday. Turnabout is fair play, my friend…
  4. Lastly Jason Powell, or more accurately, his son Jacob who took a header out of a bunk bed at camp. Broke his wrist, got stitches and went right back to camp. Trooper!

PS. Anyone else feel like Larry from the old Bob Newhart show? “This is my brother, Darryl. And my other brother, Darryl.”


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