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Sown much, brought in little

In Haggai God admonishes the nation of Israel telling them that they have “sown much, but brought in little, they drink but are not satisfied”. It’s kind of a tough message. The reason for this, God explains, is because they have put themselves first. Built for themselves some nice houses while letting God’s house lie in disrepair. For more of the back story, read this post.

I just can’t seem to get over the fact that the issue is they built their houses up while leaving God’s house in disrepair. Speaking metaphorically, do we do the same thing? Are we focusing on ourselves while neglecting God’s house-the body of Christ? I know I do.
By the same token, I am blessed to know some people who continually add value to other people and to the kingdom of God. And they do it not because they are trying to, they just do.

This is not one of those “beat yourself up” posts. There is too much of that going on in the world. Nor is it a “God wants you to be happy in life” post.  WAY too much of that too. But rather a post to encourage us all to ask “Am I building up God’s people and purposes – or trying to make myself look good?” 

That would be my challenge today. To ask “Is what I am doing right now adding to God’s house"? Or just trying to put new paneling on my own?”


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